NSF Sust. Energy Tech. Wkshp – Call for Presentations

NSF Sust. Energy Tech. Wkshp – Call for Presentations


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are announcing…

November 29 – December 1, 2000 Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, GA


The generalized concept
of sustainability can be regarded as "meeting the needs of today without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." Thinking
about our energy-related behavior in a big context means recognizing that
our choices have a profound effect on our global environment and our future.
Support for sustainable energy technologies is a commitment to creative
and responsible action.

The Workshop, as part
and example of such actions, is being organized by the National Science
Foundation and Georgia Tech Institute for Sustainable Technology and Development,
with the help and support from National Renewable Energy Laboratories
and Sandia National Laboratories.

The main objective
and purpose of the Workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and
experts interested in the subjects related to sustainable energy technologies,
to exchange information about the state-of-the-art research and education
in those areas, and contribute to the development of roadmap documents
that may have an impact on future research efforts and funding.

The program will encompass
a variety of topics. Every major topic will be addressed by an expert,
who will provide an extensive overview of the basic principles, implementations,
on-going research, and trends in their respective topics. Additional speakers
will discuss the same topics, presenting complementary themes in shorter

The workshop will
be held in Atlanta, on the Georgia Tech campus, from November 29 – December
1, 2000. Participation is encouraged from academic institutions doing
research in sustainable energy technologies and related issues, industry
and research consortia, US government agencies doing research in sustainable
energy, and any other interested companies of individuals.


Contributions are
sought that address the above goals and, in particular, refer to any of
the following topics:

Infrastructure: *
Impact of Power Industry Deregulation * Dispersed Generation * Interface
Issues/Technologies * Power Quality/Standards for Interconnection * Building
Integration/ Energy Efficiency * International Issues/Implementation in
Developing Countries * Education on Sustainable Energy Sources and Systems

Energy Technologies:
* Photovoltaics * Wind * Fuel Cells * Geothermal * Nuclear

Additional topics
proposed by the interested participants will also be given consideration
and are encouraged by the Organizing Committee.


Presenters and participants
in the discussions will be expected to provide copies of their presentations
and/or white papers ahead of the Workshop. The discussions will be recorded,
and the entire content of the workshop will be published on the web for
wider dissemination.


Registration for the
Workshop is free. It will include participation in all of the sessions,
complimentary hardcopy of the workshop material, and participation in
social events. The suitable affordable accommodation will be made available
within walking distance from the workshop venue, on Georgia Tech campus,
for which purpose a block of rooms has been reserved at a special conference
rate in Holiday Inn Express at North Avenue in Atlanta, right on the border
of Georgia Tech campus. There will be at least one social event during
the workshop.

There will be a small
number of NSF-sponsored travel grants available for qualified participants
exclusively from the US colleges and universities. For additional information
and application, please contact immediately:

Prof. Miroslav Begovic
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta GA 30332-0250

phone: (404) 894-4834
FAX: (404) 894-4641
e-mail: miroslav@power.ee.gatech.edu


Declaration of interest
– September 30, 2000
Development of final program – October 15, 2000
Submission of presentations – November 6, 2000
Workshop – November 29-December 1, 2000
Publication of Web Proceedings – January 31, 2000


The organization of
the Workshop is proceeding under sponsorship of the National Science Foundation,
and with support of the National Renewable Energy laboratories (NREL),
Sandia National Laboratories, and Georgia Institute of Technology.
The Program Committee members are:
Carol Carmichael, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ajeet Rohatgi, Georgia Institute of Technology
Miroslav Begovic, Georgia Institute of Technology
Merwin Brown , NREL
Tom Surek, NREL
James Gee, Sandia National Laboratories
Marjorie Tatro, Sandia National Laboratories
Saifur Rahman, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Steven Strong, Solar Design Associates

To register for this
Workshop, go the our Registration
page and follow the instructions.
The cut-off date for registrations is November 20, 2000.

For additional information
about the Workshop, please contact:
Prof. Miroslav Begovic
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta GA 30332-0250

phone: (404) 894-4834
FAX: (404) 894-4641
e-mail: miroslav@power.ee.gatech.edu