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The seven wires coming off of the roof run down the side
of the Aquatic Center and into the Electrical Room located under the smaller
of the two pools.

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This is the basic layout of the Electrical Room.

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The first place that the electricity goes is into the two
DC switch boxes shown in the picture below. The one on the right and to
the rear has seven separate switches, one for each of the seven "columns"
of PV modules you saw on the roof. The one on the left and toward the
front (with the red sign on it) is a main DC switch that can disconnect
all seven columns.

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The current then flows……

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…into the power conditioning unit (PCU). It converts the DC PV power to
AC utility power and takes care of system control functions.

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From there, the AC power feeds into an isolation transformer
(delta-wye) and then into the main service entrance of the Aquatic Center.

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The electrical room is also equipped with a Data Acquisition System (DAS)
which monitors the PV system’s electrical vital signs.

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