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GTAC: Georgia Tech Aquatic Center

The Georgia Tech Aquatic Center is a structure unlike any other 
in the world. Constructed for the 1996 Olympics in Atlatnta, Ga, the Center
was the arena for almost all of the swimming and diving events of the
Olympic games. More then just a mere swimming pool, it is the arched shaped
roof which sits atop this monumental structure which makes it one of a
kind. The roof is equipped with more then 2,856 PV modules which provide
the Center with over 40% of its electrical needs. This PV system saves
more the $30,000 anually on electical and matienece fees. Also found on
top of the center is a solar thermal system used to provide the pool with
adequate heating for most of the time. The center is now open to the general
public and can be found on the Georgia Tech Campus.                 

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