Solar Moduals

Solar Moduals



     Solar Modules

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The array consists of 2,856 PV modules, each one containing 72
multicrystalline silicon solar cells connected in series. Each module can produce 120W of
DC electrical power from an area of about 1.11 square meters, meaning that they are about
10.8% efficient. The array is configured as follows: twelve modules are connected in
series to form a "series string", which has a nominal operating voltage of 410V.
Then, 238 of these series strings are connected in parallel, resulting in a current of

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The rated power of the 2,856 module array is 342 kW (DC).
At the time of the 1996 Olympics, this was the largest roof-mounted PV
system in the world. That’s not true anymore; there are at least two larger
systems in Germany, and one larger one under construction here in the
U.S. However, this is one title that we don’t mind losing! It is evidence
of the increasing interest and technical maturity of PV technology.

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