Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

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The data acquisition system for the SAC Canopy AC Array

One of the advantages an AC array has over its DC counterpart is the fact that data
acquisition and monitoring functions can be built right into the module-integrated PCSs
(MIPs). This eliminates the need for additional sensors and other equipment usually needed
to collect system performance information.

Parameters available in our system:

  • PV DC voltage
  • PV DC current
  • DC power
  • AC line voltage (rms)
  • AC line current (rms)
  • MIP output frequency
  • MIP temperature

The communications system itself is rather unique. The data is output from the MIPs
directly onto the power line, at much higher frequencies than the power itself (a power
line carrier system). The data signal can be extracted by a power line carrier modem and
sent to a computer.

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