The Electrical Room

The Electrical Room

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The Photographic Tour of the GTAC: The ELECTRICAL ROOM

Underneath the pool deck is the electrical room where the PV power is fed into the
wires of the local utility (Georgia Power).
Here’s how that happens. All the PV power feeds into the two dc switch boxes shown in the
picture below. The one on the right and to the rear has seven separate switches, one for
each of the seven "columns" of PV modules you saw on the roof. The one on the
left and toward the front (with the red sign on it) is a main dc switch that can
disconnect all seven columns.

maindc(1).jpg (117361 bytes)

The big white box shown below, about the size of a large refrigerator, is the power
conditioning unit (PCU). It converts the DC PV power to AC utility power and takes care of
system control functions. Click on the picture to see the inside of the PCU.

Power Conditioning Unit

From there, the ac power feeds into an isolation transformer (delta-wye) and then into
the main service entrance of the Aquatic Center. The electrical room is also equipped with
a Data Acquisition System (DAS) which monitors the PV system’s electrical vital signs. The
electrical room DAS is in a Hoffman box just like the one on the roof, as seen in the
photo below. Click on the photo to see what’s in the box.

Das Box

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