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Georgia Tech PV systems personnel

The key people responsible for maintenance and management of the Georgia Tech PV Systems are listed below. Many of the alumni were participants in the Undergraduate
Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

  • Faculty
  • Graduate students
  • Alumni


  • Faculty

    • Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi, head of
      photovoltaic programs at Georgia Tech and Director of UCEP,
      is a Regents Professor of ECE.
    • Dr. Miroslav Begovic, Associate Professor at Georgia Tech
      with interests in PV systems and power systems (particularly computer
      applications in power systems), is also a self-proclaimed "musical omnivore".


  • Graduate students


  • Alumni

    • Aleksandar Pregelj
    • Chase Dunbar (UROP)
    • Mike Ropp
    • John Galloway (UROP)
    • Barbara Kugel (Visiting scholar)
    • Ken Moore (UROP)
    • Jens Moschner (Professional discusser and official photographer)
    • Lisa Riyadi (Graduate student)
    • Brent Runyon (UROP)
    • Shakoor Siddeeq (UROP)
    • Ben Swayze (UROP)
    • Troy Warner (work-study student)
    • Navid Yazdani (UROP and winner of the 1996-1997 Outstanding UROP of the Year award)