Photographic Tour

Photographic Tour

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The Roof
The Electrical Room


Photographic tour of the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center PV system

click here for a comprehensive presentation of
the GTAC PV system (PDF format).

Aerial View of a GTAC (Courtesy of Heliocol Inc.)

This is a (high-resolution!) aerial shot of the Aquatic Center, provided by Heliocol, Inc., the company which made and installed
the solar thermal system which is also on the Aquatic Center roof. This picture was taken
in July of 1996. Click on it to see an older aerial photo, taken in January of 1996, which
shows the PV array under construction. The temporary roof section which protected Olympic
spectators from our summer sun is being finished in the above picture. You can also see
part of the 11,000 temporary seats for the Olympics at the lower right.

Click here for a larger image of the roof. This one
has been zoomed in a little so you can see a bit more detail.

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