The Roof

The Roof

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The Photographic Tour of the GTAC: The ROOF

Notice in the aerial photos that the array is divided into seven sections, or feeder
circuits. Each of these has its own set of disconnection switches on the roof, so we can
isolate any one of the seven sections, or even certain subsections of any one of the seven
sections. These disconnection switches are shown below. Click on the picture to see what’s

Disconnect switches. Click to see what's inside!

The  picture below shows the "nerve center" of our rooftop data
acquisition system (DAS), including the Hoffman box
housing the electronics, the irradiance measuring instruments (pyranometers, the two round white things just below and
left of center), and the wind measuring instrument (an anemometer,
the black plastic cups at the end of the arm). Note also the rows of white boxes in
between the sections of solar panels. Those little white boxes are the source circuit protectors and combiners which contain surge
arrestors and fuses and allow for easy connection of the individual strings of PV modules
to the main current-carrying cables.

Click any of the devices in the picture below to zoom in.

GTACtour2.jpg (160109 bytes)

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